Mr. Deepak Sharma is a globally recognised and award-winning professional life & wellness coach, HR & career consultant, mystic, yogi, traveller, and the founder & president of ‘Deeproserves’, which offers four domain-specific services i.e. wellness, corporate, skill development, and career. He has been globally engaged with many organizations, universities, schools, NGOs, groups, and individuals to help them attain a successful personal and professional transformation in life for more than two decades.

Every tale of success has a hidden story of struggle, Deepak was born and raised in New Delhi, India. The limited resources could not limit him to learn, grow, earn, and succeed while working with diverse organizations and individuals on global platforms. During his voyage of exploring, learning, and experiencing various aspects of life, he underwent a personal, professional, and spiritual transformation. At the peak of his successful professional career, in 2017, he quit his job to fulfill his dream. A dream to independently establish himself and his organization contributing to the welfare of people by transforming them into more competent and successful beings. Through his wellness services, he helps people overcome diseases and attain physical-mental well-being. He gets opportunities through his corporate services to work with diverse corporates, organizations, universities, and schools to conduct various learning & development interventions independently and successfully. Also, through his center-based and online skills development & career services, he facilitates individuals to improve upon their competencies and make the best career choices. He has also written one self-help book, ‘YTM: Your Thoughts Matter’ to help people pursue holistic success, satisfaction, and happiness in life. You can get this book from amazon, Flipkart, and google play or visit the official site i.e.

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