Wellness Service

Yogalaya – An Authentic Wellness Studio

“Total Health is not the absence of diseases rather complete physical , mental and emotional well-being which can be achieved by authentic combination of our Wellness Services”

Yoga & Meditation are essentially a spiritual discipline based on an extremely subtle science , which focuses on bringing harmony between mind and body. It is an art and science of healthy living. The word ‘Yoga’ is derived from the Sanskrit root ‘Yuj’ , meaning ‘to join’ or ‘to unite’. As per Yogic scriptures the practice of Yoga leads to the union of individual consciousness with that of the Universal Consciousness , indicating a perfect harmony between the mind and body , Man & Nature.

Yoga , Meditation , Ayruveda , Naturopathy when practiced together strengthen the mind-body , improving overall fitness and well-being. At our “Yogalaya – An Authentic Wellness Studio” Dwarka , New Delhi. So far we have not only been able to cure many cases but also brought physical , mental and emotional well-being in many individuals lives. We not only ensure Authentic Yogic Practice but also offer customized solutions catering to individual needs, body requirements, and mind temperaments for all age groups. Followings are our daily online & in-person wellness services – Please contact us for more information:

          Online Services
  • Regular Group Yoga
  • Advance Group Yoga
  • Yoga-Meditation Group
  • Sr. Citizen Yoga
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Kids Yoga
  • Healing & Counselling
  • Wellness Portfolio
  • Wellness Consultations
  • Life Style Management
       Personalized Services (On Personal Visits)
  • Residential Yoga
  • Therapeutic Yoga
  • Panch Bhuta Shudhi
  • Healing & Counselling
  • Guided Meditations
  • Ayurveda Interventions
  • Wellness Retreats
  • Religious Pilgrimages

Wellness Service